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PBCE baby sitter

Family baby sitter for service:
0-1 infant's family: suitable for experienced baby sitter. This baby sitter has experience of childbearing age, MOM and I do; or had nursing experience, experience of domestic work, ranging from domestic service work in cities. Skill, they focus on maternal and child care, taking into account early childhood education.
1-3 family: selective knowledge baby sitter. This baby sitter with higher educational qualifications, can sing children's songs, and development of infants and young children can do fine movements and big game, can make children nutritious meals, can also do 0-6, evaluation and analysis on the growth of the child. Skills, they focus on early childhood education, family management.
3-6-year-olds family: for selecting skilled baby sitter. Such baby sitter doesn't have a very high degree, but the actual ability to work, love of domestic work. Skills, their emphasis on family management will be able child after-school tutoring

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Service project
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