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Education includes lots of content: mental health, pleasant emotions, spirit of cooperation, ways of thinking, the ability of ways. On today's children, which each education should not be delayed, such as:
1, self-improvement, self-reliance, independent education to young children.
as China's rapid economic development, people's living standards constantly improving, children spoiled by parents is increasing. Even though has become the home of "little emperors", "little Princess", is often extremely at home, and parents willing slaves, say what's what, what to give, Submissive, obedient, responsive, and spoiled children to mouth, clothing, choose to eat and drink, told to wear, the pursuit of enjoyment, and comparisons with others ... ... Some bad habits. You can even ride on their backs, the elders when "horse" riding towards the elders did not render more big or little temper tantrums, yelling, so little patience elders. And parents? If the child is just happy, even if it is to God reaching for the stars, sea fishing for months without any hesitation. In short, parents of young children to love completely out of control, everything taibaodalan for children, leading to dependence is too strong, abilities are too weak, poor independence.
/> 2, frustration education home environment is too great, and receive information is too simple, coupled with a such a child. Too introverted, their mental capacity tend to bias, pampers with the elders, in a world where their only good times, no stress and, therefore, their endurance is very poor, even into the community. Method one: appropriate children's unreasonable demands so that children suffer setbacks to hone, let the child in frustration painful before tempering, know how little sense. Method two: exercise your child's strong will, improve the endurance of children suffer setbacks. In order to turn our kids into a strong, we must use the setbacks in life, or even deliberately set some difficulties to exercise children's strong will, improve the endurance of children suffer setbacks, guide children towards frustration, despite difficulties. Method three: helping children overcome difficulties, making him able to overcame the strongman. A strong man not only has strong frustration tolerance, and has overcome setbacks to win wisdom and methods. To turn our children into such a strong person, when children faced disappointment, we shall support, help children to find ways to overcome setbacks. So, this is most in need of education, not raising plants in a greenhouse to cultivate fighting the Storm petrel.
appreciation we often use red, candy and small gifts, such as objects, to give recognition or encouragement to some excellent child care, enhancing children's self-confidence, can see flash point, and his internal drive, weaknesses to magnify our strengths and continue to flourish, to overcome low self-esteem, timidity, and build self-confidence. In addition, the children will have a competition, to see the others than myself in some way, will try to win a red dot in this regard, have been appreciated by others.
Service project
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