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To deal with restless restless baby tips

Restless is the child of nature, we all love the child an active, even a little naughty. However, any thing to want to have, if the baby move in the past has "ADHD" hidden dangers.
good is your child's nature. Active, even naughty, is necessary for children. However, it is to be limited, and will turn into its opposite, for example, a good move, is "ADHD" hidden dangers.
clinical studies found that children experiencing hyperactivity, almost all in less than 18 months after the birth, this stage is called the sensorimotor period, if this stage regulation fail, can cause contact barrier between perception and action, and emotional instability and impulsive, it is difficult to restrain their behavior, keep bobbing around, and not durable.
so for those restless children, need to adjust, and should pay attention to this issue. Necessary to meet the needs of children, and limited, it is necessary to respect their children's freedom and positive guidance. To this end, offers some suggestions:
for restless children, to have sufficient time to make children enjoy activities every day, to outdoor sports and play activities to the point of exhaustion, children of energetic release. Fun activities, scheduling child activities and, if necessary, both soft and hard and stable child. In short, it will be necessary to have a period every day let them calm down.
give the child freedom does not mean that there are no rules, the children to behave with a (reasonable), can't do, just can't do, only in the process of obeying rules, children can learn what behaviors are appropriate, can learn to control his blind desire, only to be forced to keep quiet, he can feel the pleasure from activities.
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