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Summer baby eating 5 need attention

The summer season, the weather is hot, temperature increases, the child will produce a series of physiological responses, resulting in lack of energy, loss of appetite. It makes many mothers feel very anxious. Nanjing Hu Ruji chief physician of the MCH child health expert on "the summer should be how to arrange your baby's diet."
arrange good summer baby's diet is very important. Proper diet to ensure the healthy growth of babies. Summer baby food should be prepared in the following respects:
(1) appropriate to increase food production.
high temperatures in summer, baby's digestive enzymes secrete less and suffer from indigestion or infected with diarrhea and other intestinal infectious diseases, need to increase the amount of food for your baby, in order to ensure adequate nutritional intake. Best light digestible, less fatty food, such as cucumber, tomato, lettuce, green beans, are rich in vitamin c, carotene and mineral salts and other substances in food. Can do these vegetables cold dishes, add some garlic in the dish, cool and delicious, and helps to prevent food-borne diseases.
(2) variable types and patterns.
should eat more of milk, eggs, high quality protein such as lean meat, fish, and because of its low fat content, light, very suitable for baby food. There are soy milk, tofu and other soy products, they contain vegetable protein is best for your baby's nutrition. Variety variety to enhance children's appetites, in cooking, fish should be steamed, not fried with oil, also happened to open with hot and sour sauce flavor.
(3), give your baby to drink more water.
in addition, water is the best baby summer beverage. Summer baby sweating, loss of body water, baby poor tolerance to water than adults, and when there is a sensation of thirst and dehydration of the cells in the body. Dehydration seriously can also cause fever. Obtained from milk and baby food in about 800 ml of water, but the baby should intake about 1100-1500 ml of water in summer. So, give your baby to drink more boiled water is very important and can play a dual role of summer heat and relieve constipation.
(4), pay attention to the salt. Hot
days, sweating, excrete a lot of salt in the body with the, lack of salt and osmotic imbalances, metabolism, people prone to fatigue, anorexia. Summer of salt in moderation, not too much or too little, don't neglect.
(5) eating cold drinks, cold, and so on.
cold drink eat too much, you will dilute the gastric juice, and interfere with digestion, and stimulate the intestines, peristalsis Hyperfunction, shorten the time of food in the small intestine, affects children's absorption of nutrients in the food. Especially children's gastrointestinal function has not yet been developed, mucosal vascular and related organs is not adapted to cold stimuli, eat cold, can cause symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, sore throat and cough, and even result in tonsillitis.
on the baby's diet, should give baby to eat bland, easily digestible foods, such as Lily of mung bean barley soup, if they can insist on eating for two months in the summer, can also reduce other diseases. Also dominated by light in the dishes, such as: small winter melon soup, shrimp, steamed fish, steamed egg, and so on, these foods are nutrient-rich, eating, cooking, clean and not likely to get sick . When the sweat, don't eat too much cold, you can eat some whole grains, such as corn, oats and millet.
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