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Explanation of "baby language" secret

Studies have found that babies, spoiled, angry, hungry, weary, sad in different mood State, issued a cry is different. In order to help you understand simple baby cries of "means", then I will follow your baby's "talk" is characteristic of their cries.
spoiled brat's cry: when your baby wants to turn to their parents when the play, issued cries are relatively high. Perhaps because their main purpose is to attract the attention of adults, so in this case most of the crying tears would not come.
angry cry: when there is no finding toys, diapers are wet when I was very sick, babies will get angry and even angry, issued cries and spoiled brat crying when compared to sound high and sharp, shrill. In addition, may be the cause of too high, sometimes also counterproductive, so sometimes also mixed some bass.
cry of hunger: when your baby is hungry, want to suck when issued cries are mixed with the "m" sound. Baby's cry, mostly with similar "manma", "Ma-Ma" voice. Funny thing is, no matter what language the country as babies when they are hungry, most will be sent there "m" sound of crying.
sleepiness, sad cries: baby cries when drowsiness, sleep, cries a little bit stronger than play in a low point. When the "mother is gone" and "MOM, don't hug me" feel sad, low, some more babies crying.
"Kangaroo method"
have you heard of mother and son closer "Kangaroo method"? This method is very simple, first mother lie flat, put the baby in between her breasts and let the baby to lie face down, the mother of direct contact with the skin. Due to the Kangaroo method of child-rearing, hence the name.
"Kangaroo parenting" is Colombia's capital Bogota, doctors at Huan·de·diaosi hospital, in 1979. At that time, the newborn in the hospital emergency room was chaotic, simultaneously on two or three babies in an incubator is not uncommon.
's ability to maintain its body temperature in preterm infants is very weak, if not placed in incubators, their body temperature drops, even life-threatening. However, due to the limited equipment, and not put all premature babies, and doctors came up with in a helpless situation, "Kangaroo method" method of this emergency. But, who would have thought, after maternal, received very good results.
Al-Huan·de·diaosi the use of "Kangaroo method", the previously crowded two or three babies in incubators and less crowded, which substantially reduced infant infection rate between. Moreover, infants and mothers through skin contact, you can effectively keep warm, reducing the incidence of hypothermia. It can also cultivate the ability of baby milk, as a result, the survival rate of premature infants has been significantly improved.
in addition, at that time in Colombia, abandoned babies are also common. But who would have thought, hospital "Kangaroo method", the events of abandoned infants have significantly reduced. Because it is through intimate contact and baby, mother's mother is awakened.
baby/> let the baby sleep more stability not as deep as adults, regular sleep, and they are light sleepers but it was long, waking up more often. 3 months after the birth of a baby, sleep there is no difference between day and night, to sleep 14-18 hours a day. However, after 4 hours of sleep, their just hungry, they will have to wake up and suck. As your baby grows, gradually decreased in frequency woke up crying at night, after 3-6 months old, can one time up to 5 hours of sleep at night.
so some parents will ask: is there any way of putting babies to sleep, or is there a way to make them sleep more soundly at night? Method is very simple, that is, how to caress the baby during the day. For example, holding them and feeding, massage etc. Through touch, can make the baby feel concerned, so as to develop a sense of ease and security. Moreover, after the feeding of breast milk during the day and night will not feel hungry frequently, it can safely sleep.
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