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Employers should not lose sight of nanny's health

Selected before the nanny, must first understand her health condition, it is best to have hospital tests to prove, avoid diseases such as hepatitis, tuberculosis, bacillary dysentery, sexually transmitted diseases, care for infants and young children, or children in danger of being infected, and even the adults can avoid illness. Therefore, in determining hiring nannies must have a hospital before the medical certificate.
after the nanny to the family, to her parental common sense and knowledge of health care training, and told her that some knowledge of security, such as home appliances, gas, drug usage and precautions to prevent the occurrence of accidents.
for a nanny is a good thing, but no attention to nanny care, it is possible to bring an irreparable loss to the family. So it must not take it lightly. Therefore, formal domestic companies should have a health certificate of nurse practitioners can work properly. Satisfaction of Zhengzhou home economics, all domestic employees have health certificates, in order to ensure customer family health and safety protection.
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