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Dine in patient care for patients

1 assist patients clean their hands. Handed half to take care of the patient to the table seating. Unable to care for the patient, according to the actual situation should assist him in taking the seat dining, half sitting posture. Prepare paper napkins, small towels.
2, encouraging and assisting half self-care the patient's own, unable to take care of patients according to their eating habits help feeding.
3 and the meal is finished, promptly removed the dishes and clean food particles. Take care of patients in half according to the patient's physical condition, asking the patient wishes, in accordance with the request, and help patients move around the room or go to rest for a while in their seats, assist the patient to rinse. To assist rinse, wipe your mouth unable to care for patients, according to the patient's physical condition and to solicit their views, according to their requests for help.
4, Windows that open and ventilation, keep indoor air fresh, pay attention to temperature change clothes for the patient. Typically, patient meal times longer than the normal, first holding a little, and then adding. Patients in the process of eating, especially when feeding patients meals shall not urge patients. Half an hour before dinner to remind patients of feces and urine of patients with
5, General digestive system is not very good. Food in half-flooded drinking better, eating less difficult to digest food, such as beef, barley, leeks, rice etc. Patients with diabetes should eat less food proportion should be mainly fruits and vegetables. With cardio-cerebrovascular disease patients eat too much fatty food, eating more poultry and grain containing vitamins c, e. For example: sunflower oil, canola oil, peanut oil, olive oil, meat sauce, almonds, sticks, green pepper, broccoli Levin, volumes, Barclays, Kiwi, Orange, guava, tomatoes and other. Magic amount of calcium in the body of the elderly usually lose big. Need calcium supplements. In daily life, we should eat more calcium-rich foods, such as whole milk, cheeses, seafood, fish, bones, calcium can be added depending on the situation.
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