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A natural calcium
4 months ago, try to breastfeed your baby, breastfeeding does not be, to try to give babies formula, followed by vitamin AD enhanced milk.
baby 4-6 months need to start adding weaning foods (food supplement), supplements vitamin d, calcium, phosphorus and protein-rich foods, such as rice, eggs, vegetables, fresh grains (porridge) and so on. Bigger, can also give your baby some other calcium-rich foods, such as cheese, soup bones, and so on.
take full advantage of the Sun: the Sun is the most economical and effective way to prevent rickets. From baby full moon began, will often with he to outdoor activities, summer as exposed skin, while note protection baby head (wearing Sun cap from by Sun direct), Sun Qian coated some children anti-sun cream; winter note warm, sunny of weather, more with children to outdoor Sun Sun, daily Sun Sun time by 5-10 minutes, gradually increased time, best many Yu 2 hours. Usually can also be separated by glass in the Sun, although fewer ultraviolet rays, is effective. Might as well get out for a while. Calcium
II, drugs, prevention of fetal period: expectant mothers in addition to the regular outdoor activities more than the Sun, drink milk, but in 7-9 months of pregnancy, need adequate vitamin d supplements. If there are leg cramps, lack of calcium may be appropriate to take calcium.
2, born 2 weeks-1 and half years old babies:
If you are breastfeeding, as long as the mother's nutrition, often take the baby in the Sun, without vitamin d. If calcium deficiency symptoms, under the guidance of doctors taking calcium and vitamin d.
If it was artificial feeding (formula or milk, powdered milk), milk calcium is enough, without additional supplemental vitamin d; if not, and calcium deficiency symptoms of vitamin d supplementation may be appropriate under the supervision of a physician. In summer and autumn (6 ~ September) sufficient exposure to sunlight can temporarily stop taking vitamin d.
normal consumption of vitamin AD fortified milk baby, if you drink 500 ml (two sacks) and may need to take vitamin d, but because every baby is different, depending on the circumstances may be.
3, had a history of low calcium twitching, growing too fast baby, acute or chronic infection may be appropriate to add calcium.
4, and replenishment of calcium
agents should pay attention to child daily calcium intake from dairy products, to determine the amount of calcium.
one of the three key points of calcium supplementation, infants: fill as much as missing
most infant dairy intake is adequate. Partly because the child is young, the main source of food is milk; the other hand, parents will try to match children with the best dairy products – milk, formula milk and other calcium-rich foods.
, in this case, babies do calcium deficiency? Addressed this issue, must be to find out what the problem is: the child has how much calcium in your diet? You can ask yourself:
my baby every day what are the sources of calcium: milk, formula milk, add complementary intensive rice and other foods that contain calcium.
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