Three diseases in neonates

Illnesses: pathological jaundice of newborn
medical records:
baby born skin red, 2-3 days after the home's skin had turned yellow, and even the whites of the eyes are yellow. Mummy was very nervous, quickly looking at books. The book says newborns there will be varying degrees of yellowing of the skin, which is a physiological phenomenon called physiological jaundice generally 7-10 day will subside. Read this, Mommy.
However, the baby's jaundice has not subsided, than the normal time of 2 weeks, may still persist, and getting worse. Meanwhile, baby do not want to suck, stool color not yellow like the other children, but some white. My whole family was worried, get to a doctor. Carefully visits and checks by the doctor, it is not normal, baby was suffering from "pathological jaundice of neonates".
newborn 2-3 days, varying degrees of yellowing of the skin. First face turn yellow, with the sclera, skin becomes yellow, but the spirit didn't change, feeding and sleep, only slightly yellow urine color, this is a physiological phenomenon. Term infants with jaundice, and lasts 4-6 days 7-10 days fade; mostly in the 3-5 days after birth in preterm infants jaundice, 6-8 peak and late time jaundice may fade in 2-3 weeks clean.
in newborn jaundice in the, has minority children belongs to pathology performance, as was born on appeared has jaundice, or in was born Hou 24 hours within appeared obviously jaundice; skin jaundice degree more heavy, except facial, and torso, and limbs outside, Palm and feet Palm also variable yellow; skin jaundice of time long, term son over 2 week above or more long of time, premature over 3 week; skin jaundice Shi light Shi heavy, not increasingly light; jaundice faded Hou again and appeared,. If the above happens, parents to take note and take their children for medical treatment as soon as possible.
pathological jaundice yellowing of the skin and also weak with reluctance to suck, suck, the spirit of the poor stool, vomiting, diarrhea, fever or low body temperature, the color white and other symptoms. These performances are due to hemolytic disease of the newborn, sepsis, hepatitis, biliary tract malformation, such as internal bleeding caused by the disease.
prevention proposal:
physiological jaundice usually does not require treatment, jaundice will subside in a few days. However, some breast-feeding of child jaundice lasts longer, even up to a few months, this condition is known as breast milk jaundice. Such a child any manifestation of the disease, nursing, mental state is normal, to hospital to check without exception, including laboratory testing. However, breast milk jaundice usually have little effect without having to stop breastfeeding. Severe jaundice as long as the suspension of breast 3-4 days, jaundice will significantly reduce or disappear. Stop breastfeeding can be modified during feeding formula, under the guidance of a doctor using drugs and the Blu-ray treatment.
once you suspect them to be pathological jaundice, you should go to hospital for a detailed examination, determined after timely treatment, prevent further development lead to kernicterus.
of kernicterus has not only caused mental development disorders, and even lead to death, is the worst consequence of neonatal jaundice.
disease: neonatal conjunctivitis
medical records:
baby was born more than 10 days. She was born a few days after, yellow-white with two eye secretions, and more and more, even I can keep my eyes open. Mummy was very worried, that baby is lit, then began to reduce the temperature of the room or baby wear. Baby in the eye and did not get better, take to the doctor to know baby is suffering from a "neonatal conjunctivitis".
neonates are susceptible to conjunctivitis. Because of their immature immune function, resistance to bacteria less combined with lacrimal glands has not been well developed, less tears, not bacteria easily invade the eye wash. In this way, it is easy to make the bacteria growth and reproduction in the eye, causing conjunctivitis.
Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus influenzae, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Chlamydia pneumoniae and Chlamydia trachomatis, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Escherichia coli, neonatal conjunctivitis is mainly caused by bacteria. Yindao fetal head needed by her mother at birth, if yindao these infections, it was easy for them to be infected, so some of the children "neonatal conjunctivitis".
the eyes of newborns were infected by germs, generally in the pathogenesis of 5-14 days after birth, characterized by swelling of the eyelid, conjunctival redness, edema, and eye secretions. Secretions from the very beginning is white, but may be quickly converted into purulent, becoming yellowish-white secretions. May be the side eye infections, eye was infected with the progression of the other side. If you do not care and treatment in a timely manner, inflammation, corneal violations,
can affect vision in the future development.
prevention proposal:
starting from pregnancy prevention. Remind is that if mothers increased vaginal discharge during pregnancy, and a purulent, or father infected with gonorrhea, to immediately go to the hospital for treatment. This would prevent the newborn getting germs infected at birth, suffering from "neonatal gonococcal conjunctivitis". The disease can quickly in cases of severe violations of the cornea, not treated can cause perforation of the cornea, leading to blindness, great harm to the health of the newborn.
after birth, immediately use eye drops to prevent infection. Parents in the care, must be careful to keep hands and clothing cleaning, do not use scrubbing child's face and eyes were not clean.
If the child's eyes has conjunctivitis, used items, especially towels and handkerchiefs to be boiled, disinfect. When the eye redness clear, purulent secretions and the whites of the eyes too much congestion, must be timely to ophthalmologic diagnosis and treatment without delay. Ocular inflammation
must pay attention to proper care. When you remove eye secretions, remember to wash your hands under running water, then sterilized cotton swabs soaked in warm water and gently scrub the eye secretions in neonates.
If more Eyelash adhesive secretion used warm water wet on a sterile cotton ball dipped for a while, then change to a wet cotton ball from medial to lateral eyes gently wipe the eyes. Note that using a cotton ball, used cotton balls cannot be used again until clean so far. After washing, antibiotic eye drops under the supervision of a physician.
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