Postpartum milk-absence and complementary therapies

Postpartum milk-absence, also known as postpartum milk enough, refers to women after childbirth, lactation less or no milk
1. Lack of etiology and pathogenesis of breast milk, mostly because of weak, inadequate sources of qi and blood, and under-free; can also be due to liver depression Qi stagnation, milk run, and under milk may not. Can be divided into weakness and stagnation of liver Qi and blood type.
(1) blood IM weak milk to blood and Qi Lai. Blood from the cereal, if the spleen, biological sources, complex delivery of blood and blood caused by weak, not on milk, milk with little or nothing.
(2) liver-Qi and stagnation of breasts through the liver. Postpartum emotional problems, liver-Qi stagnation syndrome, sezhi channels, prevent milk run, thus lacks the milk, or even free. In modern medicine, the disease may be associated with mammary dysplasia, maternal emotional instability, feeding methods, related to physical weakness or anemia.
2. Diagnosis of
(1) weak type of qi and blood. Postpartum milk very little, or no, latex thin, soft breasts, feel-free, patients face Shaohua or yellow instead of color, body fatigue fatigue, less lazy, eating less, pale tongue, little Moss.
(2) liver stagnation type. Postpartum milk-secretion less, or no, or stops suddenly, breast swelling hard pain in chest and swelling stuffy, good sign, emotional depression, less satisfied, normal or slightly yellow tongue tongue.
(3) differential diagnosis of this disease should be differentiated from the mastitis. Less mastitis breast milk secretion, but at the beginning of the disease are chills, fever, hard breasts heave, swelling and pain, following purulent Dyke break into mastitis, milk does not have this deficiency disorders, can be identified.
3. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of
(1) blood weak type suitable for supplementing Qi, nourishing blood, accompanied by tongru. Tong Dan combined reduction: ginseng 15 g 20 g 20 g of Angelica sinensis radix ophiopogonis Astragalus 20 kemu pass 15 grams 10 grams of platycodon grandiflorum pigs ' feet 1 (first). Decocting the former.
(2) relieving the depressed liver-Qi and stagnation of qi and dispersing liver, milk under the collateral. Dairy Springs under addition and subtraction: Angelica 20 g 20 g 10 g area 20 grams of ligusticum chuanxiong Hort in radix paeoniae Alba radix bupleuri 10 grams 15 grams totally loulu punchers 20 grams 15 grams 10 grams of platycodon grandiflorum Angelica pollen 15 g 15 g 10 g of licorice day pangolins 20 grams 15 grams of vaccaria rows. Decocting the former.
4. Complementary
(1) unilateral prescription
① vaccaria 6 grams of pangolin 6 g, together with the trotters stew served.
II punchers 250 grams, Trotter 2, add a little onion, ginger and salt, and gently simmer for 4 hours.
(2) diet
① red bean 250 g boiled clothing.
II black sesame 20 grams, charred yan Mo, and pig's feet soup and then drunk.
③ Zhang fish boil peanuts.
(3) follows external
with hot water or wash breast onion Tang Xun.
II fresh Castor leaf 20 g 400 ml water, cooked 150 ml, served hot with a cloth soaked with milk.
③ comb baking hot, flat on the breast, gently rubbing up and down, repeated several times.
(3) massage therapy self-massage zusanli, clearance, zhongwan, in conjunction with breast massage.
5. Prevention and maternal health
① the lifting of ideological concerns, keep feeling refreshed.
② plenty of sleep and avoid fatigue.
third, diet, nutrition, eating soup and food, such as chicken soup to facilitate milk-secretion.
II scheduled feeding, breast-feeding correctly, be sure to let the baby suck tight nipples and suck out the breast.
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