Post-natal care should pay attention to what issues

(1) uterine massage:
aim is to help the recovery of the uterus and the Lochia discharge may also prevent poor due to shrink, and postpartum hemorrhage. Method: find out the uterus should be reset, for normal delivery of maternal, can easily be below your belly button, touch a hard block, the uterus should be reset.    When the when the uterus is soft, slightly with the Palm application to uterine position circular massage, the uterus firm, indicates that contraction-good when uterine contraction pain severe, temporarily stop massage, recoverable prone position to relieve the pain, pain discomfort, effect of rest and sleep, may inform the nursing staff.
(2) Lochia of observation:
Lochia is refers to by uterine by discharge of secretion real, postpartum 113 days, volume more, and color more red, yihou color reduction light, volume less, 10 days Hou is light yellow, General in 4-6 week will finished health disappeared; if Lochia has big clot, and stench or blood outflow, exception phenomenon, should immediately notification medical personnel.   
(3) pee:
due to perineal pain and urinary bladder and the urethra is damaged when the production and compression may be postpartum discharge urine or can't clean feeling, we should start in 2 hours postpartum discharge urine, urinating if solutions are not smooth, please inform the nursing staff assistance.
(4) stools:
disappear postpartum because of abdominal pressure, diets lack fiber, maternity bed can lead to decreased peristalsis, emptying time, episiotomy pain makes women reluctant to make bowel movements, produces more sweat, all these reasons are causes of constipation. Maternal postpartum should be mainly easily digestible semi liquid food, with special attention to eating more fiber more fresh fruits and vegetables, adequate bed, good habits and habit of daily defecation on time.    If necessary, oral honey, bananas, to promote peristalsis; glycerine in the anus can also be used to alleviate constipation.
(5) Breastfeeding:
breastfeeding is essential and ideal food for young babies, it contains all the nutrients most suitable for baby's digestion and absorption, the World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months postpartum feeding. Milk needs a couple of days, the mother must be waiting; nursing should be rich in a high level of responsibility and love, give them encouragement and support, and to nurse as soon as possible to explain some common problems of early breastfeeding, eliminating their anxiety and make breast-feeding a success is a good start.
maternity bed for the first time, probably due to postural hypotension, anemia, or caused a decline in blood sugar on an empty stomach and dizzy, advised to be family members or nursing staff assistance and companionship. Of bed to slow, sitting on the bed edge, no dizziness and then getting out of bed. After the caesarean section and operative 24 hours, suitable for ambulation, help intestinal peristalsis, reduce bloating, and prevention of blood clots, bed time, you can use the Web or supporting the wound by hand to ease the pain.
(7) mood adjustment:
most is initial health baby, didn't experience, for baby not understand and produced a consciously useless of feel, as feeding, and for diapers, and cry Crow,, as missing has family and medical personnel of comfort, and help, easy caused extreme tension, was isolated, again plus serious sleep insufficient, will effect maternal postpartum of mood, serious of will in puerperium within appeared depression-like.
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