Confinement care work-time considerations

First of all, to eliminate all possible psychological and emotional factors that stimulate the patient. A happy mood also will have a positive impact on the patient's body, the patient's condition stabilized and even improved. On the other hand, if patient is psychological or emotional stimuli, it is easy to make a patient's condition deteriorated. So at the time nursing and caring for the sick, maids should always pay attention to his actions, including his expression and attitude, if saved to the discrimination, looked down on or abandon the patient easily was psychologically vulnerable to disease in patient harm. And sincere attitude, gentle, considerate behavior can have a good treatment effect on patients. Nanny
Second, pay attention to the environment around the patient, stay safe around. Around the patient, you should keep it, that is not prone to hurt patients items placed around the patient, so as not to cause injury to the patient's body. Patients around to the first category of damaged goods will result in physical injury, such as beds, no bed, delirious patients with restless, feebleness of age and hemiplegia and children vulnerable to accidents. Second category are items can easily lead to Burns, such as water bottles, other inflammable goods, appliances and hot water bottles and other items if the management or improper use can cause patient burns.  
again, to keep the patient environment clean and tidy. Clean environment is not only pleasant, but also on the patient's condition to the positive effects of. But if the surrounding environment is poor, vocals, noisy, smelly, not only make patients feel bad, also put the patient at risk of biological damage, causing cross infection.
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