Careless mother often made seven errors

Error: baby shopping
cause analysis: some baby Mommy likes to take shopping. If you frequently shop for a long time, the baby like a flow of small "vacuum cleaners", which no doubt will hurt the baby's health. In the streets, shopping malls and supermarkets, and crowded, many bacteria, baby's resistance was weak, are susceptible to bacteria, cause disease ... For example, babies prone to respiratory tract infections and other diseases. Error
II: often take baby out
: Mommy travel will take the baby away. In a strange new environment, adapt to the baby very bad, their usual living environment is changed, life is disturbed, in the case of fatigue, poor diet or climate change, baby's illness is very high. For example, diarrhea and other intestinal diseases. If in the context of underserved and poor medical conditions, the situation is more dangerous, bad for the baby's health.
error III: Mommy late, with a baby sleep
cause analysis: some mummies have the habit of going to bed late, late feeding, or interrupt your baby sleep, thus making babies form sleep habits. Sleep can affect physical development, emotional, behavioral and cognitive abilities. Sleep not only have an impact on the structure and function of the brain, and can reduce resistance to infection. It is important, baby growth hormone in the body play a role at 10 o'clock at night-2, if late, affects their growth and development. By observing the show, late child easily distracted, not to cooperate with others, unruly, height than children of the same age in stature.
mistake six: let the baby play computer games with MOM and dad
analysis: computer radiation is detrimental to your baby's nervous system and brain development, have adverse effects on your baby's vision development, and adults use a computer, because none of the angle and height will affect the cervical vertebrae and other bones and vision of the development of the baby. Therefore, no pulling, premature babies have access to computers.
error four: let baby food
analysis: many parents eating children indulgence, let babies eat chocolate on chocolate, love meat eat meat, vegetables do not touch do not care. This caused a lot of babies were overweight. High cholesterol, high blood pressure and other symptoms of low age. In some Asian countries, 90% per cent of people do not know their cholesterol, they will not pay attention to a child that in unusual circumstances, this could easily lead to some young children suffer from high cholesterol, high cholesterol and other cardiovascular disease. Error
five: take the baby to go to high-decibel rock concert
analysis: some Mommy want to increase appreciation of music, will take their children to the concert, concert. If music or something, no problem. But if it is rock music pop music, in the case of very high decibels (more than 70 decibels), it will make your baby's hearing system is not conducive to their normal hearing system development ...
mistake six: give baby a lot of calcium
analysis: in addition to milk, Mum also buys a lot of calcium, calcium-calcium powder to the baby. Too much calcium, the body can not Digest, there will be side effects. Calcium deposits caused by kidney stones, biliary and urinary tract stones. There was a 3-year-old girl said the stomach, to the hospital after a b-, found to have gallstones. Under ask, didn't know was that her mother helped her calcium supplement overdose. Error
seven: give babies supplements, eat the placenta
cause analysis: some parents to enhance their child's physical fitness, thought for children to eat the placenta. The placenta contains estrogen, long-term tonic foods placenta easily backfire. There was a 5-year-old girl, after eating the placenta, the phenomenon appeared of precocious puberty.
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