Benefits of eating beans have

Chinese believe eating "beans" habits, like red beans, green beans and soy products are the people at the table on the "regulars". Red bean, green bean with human health, "defender", but "disposition" is not exactly the same, we gain a better understanding of these "bean" character, may, in accordance with their physical conditions of edible, to recuperate, to achieve a multiplier effect.
Chinese medicine, red beans, sweet and sour, nonpoisonous, have a strong tonic, invigorating the spleen and the stomach, water dehumidification and heat-clearing and detoxifying, through breast milk and blood function, especially for patients with edema of diet. Modern studies have found that red beans also contain saponin compounds, can promote defecate and urinate, heart disease or kidney disease caused by edema treatment.
mung bean sweet, cold, with the role of detoxification, summer thirst quencher. Modern medical research has shown that green beans are rich in protein, flooding ground into a green mung bean milk protein content is quite high, oral administration can protect the gastrointestinal mucosa. In addition, the green beans contain plant sterols can reduce intestinal cholesterol absorption, blocked cholesterol synthesis and other areas, and play a role in reducing serum cholesterol levels, especially for patients with hyperlipidemia eating.
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